Startups.Bio showcases emerging biotech startups, selected by the analyst team at VentureRadar from the 10,000s of companies we track.

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How we choose companies to feature

We select new startups (typically founded within the past two years) that stand out as particularly interesting. About 1 in 50 companies we review in our day-to-day work will get featured.

Our discovery system

VentureRadar crawls more than 5 million websites per month to discover new companies and then track their progress. We process this information using big data analytics, proprietary algorithms, machine learning and expert human interpretation. We leverage this ‘discovery engine’ to create the online VentureRadar Database as well as deliver analyst-driven scouting services. This also drives the discovery of companies we feature on Startups.Bio.

Suggesting a company to be featured on Startups.Bio

All the companies we feature are selected from the VentureRadar Database, so make sure the company has a profile there. If you can’t find it you can submit a company here.